Springs of Mercy Church




At Springs of Mercy Church, we believe in spreading the love, hope, and joy of our faith through various forms of media. Our dedicated Media Team plays a crucial role in capturing and sharing the inspiring stories, messages, and events that take place within our church community. Through the power of technology and creativity, we strive to connect with individuals near and far, ensuring that everyone feels included and uplifted.

Our Media Team is a diverse group of talented individuals who are passionate about using their skills to serve a higher purpose. From photographers and videographers to graphic designers and social media enthusiasts, our team members bring their unique talents together to create compelling content that engages and inspires.

If you are interested in joining our Media Team or have any questions about our media initiatives, please reach out to our Media Team Coordinator, Niyi. We are always excited to welcome new members who share our vision of using media to spread the message of love, grace, and faith.

Together, let us continue to leverage the power of media to impact lives and build a stronger, more connected community. We look forward to working with you and witnessing the incredible things we can achieve together!