Springs of Mercy Church




About the Church

We are a word based church, in the heart of Fourways, Johannesburg that believes in the infallibility of the word of God and we share freely so.


  • To see more people come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To shift man’s focus from the pleasure of here and now, to the joy of eternity with Christ and the pain of eternity away from Him.
  • To impact our community with the unconditional love of God.



Our Core Values

We are here first of all to love God and project His unconditional love to everyone. We rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we believe we are sensitive to the will of God if we engage in constant prayer and fasting. We trust God for direction as we plan the activities of the church. There is neither colour nor favouritism in God therefore, we would treat every soul with respect and honour. 

We believe the authority of the infallible word of God. We do not preach our own opinions or the general consensus. We believe in the saving power of the word of God. We are committed to preach the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus as the only way to God. We have absolute faith and confidence in the power of the blood of Jesus to cleanse every sinner that comes to Him.

We have a strong conviction that the family unit is important to God so the family takes priority over activities. We are a praying church and that would not change. Jesus said we should fast and if there is anything we ought to do in our world today it is prayer and fasting. We will not compromise the word nor try to water it down. However we would preach the word with love and we will not deny or undermine the grace of God.

We would give diligence to developing small groups and encourage people to develop relationships that would lead to mentorship, individual growth and personal development. We would encourage people to give themselves wholly to God, discover their spiritual gifts and use such gifts to build up the body of Christ. Lastly, we have a very strong aversion to inappropriate use of God given authority so we are committed to servant-leadership.